What Does Sex-Positivity Mean?

I came across the below image on F£$&book today: I liked it a lot because it really defines what sex positivity means to me. Sex positivity also includes choosing not to have sex btw. Image source https://www.facebook.com/BeingFeminist/ In general there is too much shame associated with sexuality, which is a perfectly natural expression of our humanity. Women, as well as men, should be able to express … Continue reading What Does Sex-Positivity Mean?

Sex-Positive Feminists don’t have to have sex to prove they’re sex-positive!

I recently came across this online article in Everyday Feminism:  “5 Myths Sex-Positive Feminism Can Perpetuate About Women Who Don’t Do Casual Sex.” (1)  I thought it was a great article and it resonated with me because I am sex-positive AND monogamous by conscious choice. “Just as people shouldn’t have to defend their decision to have many sexual partners, they shouldn’t have to defend their … Continue reading Sex-Positive Feminists don’t have to have sex to prove they’re sex-positive!

SUICIDE:- Causes and Warning Signs

I was saddened and shocked by the suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and even more so by the suicide of Korean singer-songwriter, Kim Jonghyun of SHINee. As a disability activist, I am providing educational material so that people can better understand and see the warning signs. I’m not prone to Depression but a couple of years ago, as a result of taking Lyrica … Continue reading SUICIDE:- Causes and Warning Signs

It Happened to Him

TW: Male child sexual abuse, Male adult sexual assault It happened to him, Chester Bennington. He was a victim of childhood sexual assault that lasted for 6 years. Ironically at that time his father was a detective who investigated child abuse. In an interview, Bennington revealed that he had suffered sexual abuse from an older male friend … He was afraid to ask for help … Continue reading It Happened to Him

How Notions of Gender and Race Constrain Us

This is a writing I previously posted on an adult social media site (sad that education is needed there isn’t it?) I was going through posts on another media site where I noticed a friend had posted this article: Navigating Masculinity as a Black Transman: “I will never straighten out my wrist.”. Maleness and Femaleness are inadequate descriptors of a person’s sex. Biologists are proving that … Continue reading How Notions of Gender and Race Constrain Us

Paintings & studies 2009 -2010

I have a fascination for robotic technologies and a general interest in technology. These paintings below, as well as the work shown in my grad show in 2010 begin to explore the relationship between robotechnology and what it means to be human, technology and eroticism, particularly the the fetishisation of technology and even the spiritual existence of the things we humans make. I apologise for … Continue reading Paintings & studies 2009 -2010

ANU Graduation Show 2010

I wanted to share photos of my art installation at the grad show, December 2010.  These were first shared on an old blog of mine (on 24th February 2011). I majored in Painting at ANU Art School, with a minor in Sound Art and I was immensely honoured when I was given the opportunity to create an installation at the 11th hour.  The culmination of … Continue reading ANU Graduation Show 2010