Paintings & studies 2009 -2010

I have a fascination for robotic technologies and a general interest in technology. These paintings below, as well as the work shown in my grad show in 2010 begin to explore the relationship between robotechnology and what it means to be human, technology and eroticism, particularly the the fetishisation of technology and even the spiritual existence of the things we humans make.

I apologise for the poor quality of some of these photographs


Ghost in the Machine 3, 2010 by Suzy Keene


Ghost in the Machine 1, 2009 by Suzy Keene


Ghost in the Machine 2, 2009 by Suzy Keene


Study, Sing a Song of Love (Magritte remix)


mayjune10 044

mayjune10 046

Studies for Song of Lust (Di Chirico remix) , 2010

robot girl

Robot Girl, 2009 by Suzy Keene


Pic_1113_066Blue, Green but not Red, 2009 Diptych by Suzy Keene

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