SUICIDE:- Causes and Warning Signs

I was saddened and shocked by the suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and even more so by the suicide of Korean singer-songwriter, Kim Jonghyun of SHINee. As a disability activist, I am providing educational material so that people can better understand and see the warning signs. I’m not prone to Depression but a couple of years ago, as a result of taking Lyrica in an attempt to control the pain caused by Fibromyalgia, I received an insight into suicidal thinking. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced as I could not control the way I was thinking. I went to my GP immediately and was slowly taken off the medication. I haven’t had those feelings since then.

What Causes Suicidal Feelings?

Untreated or ineffective treatment of depression is the number one cause of suicide, as is other forms mental illness (including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and others disorders). This includes reactive depression and depression caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, which tends to be a genetic disorder.

For many people life often exacerbates mental illness, creating a downward spiral towards depression and suicidal thinking.

Common events and feelings that create depression:

The death of a loved one.
A divorce, separation, or breakup of a relationship.
Losing custody of children, or feeling that a child custody decision is not fair.
A serious loss, such as a loss of a job, house, or money.
A serious illness.
A terminal illness.
A serious accident.
Chronic physical pain.
Intense emotional pain.
Being victimized (domestic violence, rape, assault, etc).
A loved one being victimized (child murder, child molestation, kidnapping, murder, rape, assault, etc.).
Physical abuse.
Verbal abuse.
Sexual abuse.
Unresolved abuse (of any kind) from the past.
Feeling “trapped” in a situation perceived as negative.
Feeling that things will never “get better.”
Serious legal problems, such as criminal prosecution or incarceration.
Being “taken advantage of.”
Inability to deal with a perceived “humiliating” situation.
Inability to deal with a perceived “failure.”
Alcohol abuse.
Drug abuse.
Having a disability.
Not being accepted by family, friends, or society.
A horrible disappointment.
Being penniless.
Being in severe debt.
Being homeless.
Being unemployable.
Feeling like one has not lived up to his or her high expectations or those of another.
Bullying. (Adults, as well as children, can be bullied.)
Low self-esteem.

What Are the Warning Signs That Someone May Be Suicidal

Appearing depressed or sad most of the time.
Talking or writing about death or suicide.
Withdrawing from family and friends.
Feeling hopeless.
Feeling helpless.
Feeling strong anger or rage.
Feeling trapped — like there is no way out of a situation.
Experiencing dramatic mood changes.
Abusing drugs or alcohol.
Exhibiting a change in personality.
Acting impulsively.
Losing interest in most activities.
Experiencing a change in sleeping habits.
Experiencing a change in eating habits.
Losing interest in most activities.
Performing poorly at work or in school.
Giving away prized possessions.
Writing a will.
Feeling excessive guilt or shame.
Acting recklessly.

It should be noted that some people who die by suicide never show any suicide warning signs.

The information I am presenting is by Kevin Caruso, at


If you need support or think someone you know is suicidal Find a crisis line near you.

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