2017 Australia Day Lamb Ad and It’s Satirical Cousin


This is the recent MLA lamb ad.


To address the MLA ad’s glossing over of what Australia Day represents, Indigenous artists at Cope ST Collective created their own satirical version.

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Sex-Positive Feminists don’t have to have sex to prove they’re sex-positive!

I recently came across this online article in Everyday Feminism:  5 Myths Sex-Positive Feminism Can Perpetuate About Women Who Don’t Do Casual Sex.  I thought it was a great article and it resonated with me because I’m monogamous and not into casual sex by conscious choice, even though I am sex-positive.

Just as people shouldn’t have to defend their decision to have many sexual partners, they shouldn’t have to defend their decision to have few or none. We already judge women by their sex lives too much, and we don’t need more of that from within the feminist community.

Feminism should give us the option to follow or reject gender roles – not the compulsion to reject them.- Suzannah Weiss

2016 Gender workplace statistics at a glance

The Australian Government’s Gender Workplace Equality Agency released some interesting statistics in August 2016 in downloadable pdf format. Anyone who thinks that a gender gap doesn’t exist in Australia really needs to read the summary here.

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

Minding the Gap

“Gender equality is a longer-term driver of competitiveness and equity that is even more important in an era of increasingly globalised economies. No country can afford to fall behind because it is failing to enable women and men to participate equally in the economy and society.”  World Bank

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons.