Why Australia’s gender equality reputation has fallen off a cliff

Emma Dawson, CEO, Per Capita says there is a direct link between gender inequality and discrimination and violence against women. Below is a summary of Emma Dawson’s points made during a radio interview with Linda Mottram on ABC’s late afternoon radio programme, PM.

Australia’ has dropped 40 places on the UN Index of Gender Equality since 2013. That’s a huge drop from being one of the World’s commended leaders in 2009. A lack of political leadership and governments’ commitment to track, measure and drive inequality reform has been dismantled, important research tools to identify disadvantage and discrimination. We have very low female representation of women in parliament compared to other comparable countries. The gender pay gap runs at 14% In Australia but the prevalence of part-time and casual work amongst women compared to other comparable countries is a cause for concern because the capacity to earn widens the gap to around 30%. women in Australia live longer than men but are much more likely to live in poverty at the end of their lives. The system of economics doesn’t value women’s paid or unpaid work nor does it consider well-being as a measure of our society’s progress, unlike elsewhere.

Misogyny, sexual violence and harassment, as well as marginalisation in terms of career, all contibute to women not fully participating in society: fear of harassment and assault combined with discrimination in the workplace, especially towards women who are mothers, all contribute to women not realising their potential and therefore limits the society-wide benefits that come with it.

Go to ABC Radio to listen to the interview.

Go here to read about the record low in regards to Australia’s gender pay gap.

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