How Notions of Gender and Race Constrain Us

This is a writing I previously posted on an adult social media site (sad that education is needed there isn’t it?) I was going through posts on another media site where I noticed a friend had posted this article: Navigating Masculinity as a Black Transman: “I will never straighten out my wrist.”. Maleness and Femaleness are inadequate descriptors of a person’s sex. Biologists are proving that … Continue reading How Notions of Gender and Race Constrain Us

Paintings & studies 2009 -2010

I have a fascination for robotic technologies and a general interest in technology. These paintings below, as well as the work shown in my grad show in 2010 begin to explore the relationship between robotechnology and what it means to be human, technology and eroticism, particularly the the fetishisation of technology and even the spiritual existence of the things we humans make. I apologise for … Continue reading Paintings & studies 2009 -2010

ANU Graduation Show 2010

I wanted to share photos of my art installation at the grad show, December 2010.  These were first shared on an old blog of mine (on 24th February 2011). I majored in Painting at ANU Art School, with a minor in Sound Art and I was immensely honoured when I was given the opportunity to create an installation at the 11th hour.  The culmination of … Continue reading ANU Graduation Show 2010

Official Results SSM postal survey

Below are are the important results presented as infographics and data tables. You can also watch Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball announce the results. Response map: Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry? Participation map Information graphics and data tables source: Australian Bureau of Statistics.   Continue reading Official Results SSM postal survey

Dedicated to my beloved friends: Australians say YES to Marriage Equality

“We asked them for their opinion and they have given it to us. It is unequivocal, it is overwhelming. It is our job now to get on with it … It is fair. The people have voted yes for marriage equality. Now it is our job to deliver it” – PM Malcolm Turnball Yesterday was an important day in Australian history: the 15th November 2017, … Continue reading Dedicated to my beloved friends: Australians say YES to Marriage Equality