Paintings & studies 2009 -2010

I have a fascination for robotic technologies and a general interest in technology. These paintings below, as well as the work shown in my grad show in 2010 begin to explore the relationship between robotechnology and what it means to be human, technology and eroticism, particularly the the fetishisation of technology and even the spiritual existence of the things we humans make.

I apologise for the poor quality of some of these photographs


Ghost in the Machine 3, 2010 by Suzy Keene


Ghost in the Machine 1, 2009 by Suzy Keene


Ghost in the Machine 2, 2009 by Suzy Keene


Study, Sing a Song of Love (Magritte remix)


mayjune10 044

mayjune10 046

Studies for Song of Lust (Di Chirico remix) , 2010

robot girl

Robot Girl, 2009 by Suzy Keene


Pic_1113_066Blue, Green but not Red, 2009 Diptych by Suzy Keene

ANU Graduation Show 2010

I wanted to share photos of my art installation at the grad show, December 2010.  These were first shared on an old blog of mine (on 24th February 2011). I majored in Painting at ANU Art School, with a minor in Sound Art and I was immensely honoured when I was given the opportunity to create an installation at the 11th hour.  The culmination of a year of hard work, I felt immensely proud to see and hear my paintings, drawings, and sound art in dialogue with each other, and the viewing public.

August2010 038

August2010 041

Red and silver Gaffer tap was placed on the floor and up the walls in a circuit board-inspired design. Forget the umbrella.  The image on the room divider is a drawing using nails, USB cables and black electrical wire.

August2010 039

The image doesn’t show it very well but the maquette on the plinth is a female form that has USB and sound cables emerging from her head, connected to an external box.  Red electrical wires emerge from the head into the neck and down into the body cavity.  The maquette was cobbled together in a day, with help from friends (thanks Amy & Alex).  It’s very crude but the idea came through – children recognised it as a robot straight away.  I had to remove the headphones – despite the sound emitting from them most people didn’t use them.  The cd player was behind the fabric and so I just softly played the looped soundtrack.

August2010 046

This  corner had a distinctly different feel to the paintings, and that is of course the nature of graphite and watercolours.  They were created with a very different frame of mind.

August2010 044 (1)

The experience of creating an installation was worth its weight in gold.  In regards to material practice, all the rectangular paintings were painted with oil on linen, works on paper were a combination of watercolour and graphite on 300gsm rough watercolour paper and the one square painting is acrylic on canvas.


“Song of Love (di Chirico remix)” by Suzy Keene, 2010